Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Forceful Insecticides and Pesticides--HomeMade Formulas!!

I have been doing some searching for the way to get rid of pests etc in my gardens. For some reason, (I wonder why), slugs and snails just love my new plants!!

These snails will make a real meal of your
young plants if you don't find a way of stopping them.

They really love munching on those fressh new leaves, but then again, so do we.
However, we do need to stop them otherwise we end up not succeeding in our efforts to grow our own vegetables.

This is not only foolishness, but wasteful from 2 angles.
Firstly it cost us to get the seeds or plants, then it is also going to cost us more to purchase that food in the coming months.

At last I have found a man online who really knows his "onions" as they say.
He's been gardening for more years than most would like to know about. :)

Click Here!

To buy this book will cost very little but what it will save you in pest control costs, and also save your vegetables to eat later, will far out-weigh its cost.

To find others similar to this or for further garden tips just pop into this spot.

there is a huge amount of pleasure in not only growing your own food for your table, but the taste is so much different to what you find in the Super-market.

Taste just does not have any comparison to home-grown vegies and fruit.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or leave a question.
In the meantime enjoy youyr gardening as I do, even though I have had to get my Son to make mine raised garden beds now as I have an arthritic hip condition which makes it difficul to bend down.

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