Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tomatoes Grow Well in Raised Garden Beds

Tomatoes Grow Well in Raised Garden Beds
Wow! Don't These Look Luscious!!

This is probably a very good assistant for you too. Get it while you can. I had quite a task finding this again and it really is good!

I have been searching recently for ways of using my new raised garden beds for growing tomatoes. With my raised beds there isn't a great deal of width for them as it is a small section.

However, I have recently come across a person who really knows how to make a home garden grow to perfection!

Gets one away from the chemical fertilizers etc, and also away from those ghastly insecticides and pesticides.

This is a Brilliant Book to describe all those little things we so easily forget when we are doing something like designing a new garden.

These books are extremely cost effective, becuase the information in them is always up to date. Gardens change over the years, but the ways of putting them together only differ with the people who are designing them.

Essentially they remain the same things to do each year.
When putting my own raised garden beds together this season, I became aware of having done something similar once before.

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