Saturday, October 9, 2010

6 Weeks after Planting Raised Garden Bed

Food Drying At Home the Natural Way, Over 300 Recipes, from Meats to Vegies & Fruits & Much Much more!Here I am again folks with some news on my raised garden beds.

I will add a few photos here so that you can see what a difference it makes to use Worm Juice for fertilizer and how quickly the Vegies grow.

Mine are a bit shaded from the afternoon sun at present, but they will soon get full sun.
However, it doesnt seem to make much difference to their growing capability.

Without further ado, here are my latest photos, you will be able to compare the dates by looking at the first pictures I put on regarding having finished the building of the raised garden beds.

Peace Rose. My 1st Bloom this year.
See what Growth comes just by adding some worm Juice.

Showing Lettuces among the potatoes
to keep using space available.

Only 6 weeks of lush growth.

Showing Worm Farm handily placed for
ease and quickness of use.

Marigolds planted among Vegetables.
Neat eh?
Lovely scrunchy leafy veges,
soon to be eaten. Yummy!
Showing Leeks, Lettuces and some Marigolds,
For Companion Planting.
1st Rose to open for me this season,
0n 10th October 2010

Garden is showing heads in the Broccoli now and also small cabbages, plus cauli heads beginning to show. Potatoes are in full flower and looking amazingly healthy.
That worm farm is really doing them great. Have used the juice twice now.

You can almost see them grow overnight when you add some extra wter to them. Its fabulous watching them.

I have another nifty little piece to add here to help you all along:

And a look at my latest blog in Wordpress. Some real goodies there folks.

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